Welcome to our 2020-2021 season!

Dear Friends,

I trust that you are keeping safe and staying healthy. I hope you are in good spirits, as much as it is possible!

More than ever, I think on how music elevates our daily lives. It brings us solace and joy. I admire how the music grows when the orchestra rehearses. It is downright magical to observe a composition coming alive! I love it just as much when the audience is stunned at the end of a rousing piece. Above all, I cherish those tender moments when music whispers its most intimate thoughts and we are all there, understanding the message and understanding each other.

The moment when the symphony is back on the stage, feeling safe and thinking only about the music being played, it will be unforgettable. Every sound we make will be a celebration. You, our audience (because only when we have you with us can we truly celebrate) will feel it too. It will be very special; we will feel whole again.

Even in these unprecedented times, we remain a musical family. I think about you often and miss interacting with you. Please be well until we are able to arrange for our grand reunion!

Cheers and best wishes,

Martin signature