Welcome to our 2019-2020 season!

Maestro Martin Majkut, by Kamron Coleman

Dear Symphony patron,

It has been my privilege and a great pleasure to be your musical companion for the past ten seasons. The first time I worked with the passionate musicians of the RVS, I had a distinct feeling of finding home. It has been a wonderful journey where every musical investment has met with the affection and appreciation by our truly fantastic audiences. The music community of this valley is something that other music directors can only dream of.

I dubbed this season the Season of Women. I believe we all benefit when the fairer sex is fairly represented! I therefore searched for exceptionally talented female soloists representing a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds. It is what makes this country so splendid and it promises to make our musical dialogues fresh, exciting and relevant to our time.

This year, we will bring to life two new pieces: a violin solo written by Chris Rogerson for Elena Urioste and an impassioned plea for nature’s preservation, composed for solo tenor, choir and orchestra by Drew Hemenger. We will also tie up some loose ends: by presenting Beethoven’s first two symphonies, I will have conducted all nine here in the Rogue Valley.

As you know, we aim to bring you a new experience at every concert. Once again, all of the music we present to you here is “new” in that you have not heard these pieces under my direction. There is one exception, however, and I wonder, how many of you will uncover my deliberate Easter Egg!

Last but not least, give yourself a gift of New Year’s Eve at the RVS Gala concert! Taking the Viennese New Year’s concert as an inspiration, it will be a mix of classy and raucous—because even classical music must go a bit Rogue in this wonderful place!

Thank you for a decade of unforgettable memories. Upon the wings of music, let’s keep re-discovering the beauty of our world and the bond that we share in our common humanity.

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