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Classical Coaches

The Classical Coaches in the Classroom program serves more than 1,000 6th -12th-grade students each school year, placing professional musicians from the Rogue Valley Symphony in the middle and high school orchestra and band classrooms to work with students in sectionals and large group configurations.

Through this program, middle and high school students focused on music as a course of study can hone their skills and improve their understanding of their instrument and the music they are performing.

Musical Mentors

Musical Mentors education program provides individual students free private music lessons with a member of the Rogue Valley Symphony. We offer need-based scholarships to students in grades 6-12. If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact our Education Coordinator, Andrew Zucker, at or call 


Lynn Gervais – North Medford High School Orchestra Teacher

I wanted to share my sincere gratitude with you all on your willingness to help out my students at North Medford.  What an awesome program for RVSOto offer to augment current school music programs!  Your time spent of the behalf of my students and myself is greatly appreciated.

When I first arrived in Medford, I often lamented the fact that very few of my students (probably less than 3%) take private lessons.  Having grown up in Corvallis, a community in which everyone in my orchestra took individual lessons, I had always anticipated that I would work in a similar situation.  This created frustration early on, but I soon discovered that I love working with these Medford kids and seeing them get excited about their instrument and music, something they might not be exposed to without my class.  I have come to the conclusion that I am more effective in a community such as Medford rather than somewhere like Corvallis where kids will thrive regardless due to a different set of circumstances relating to clientele, education, finances, and level of musical awareness among parents and community members.

While I have the students “hooked” in orchestra, so to speak, your individual expertise is so valuable because I am not able to focus on specifics of instrument technique in a group setting.  For the vast majority of my students, the time you share your knowledge with them is the closest they will ever come to a “private lesson”.  This is priceless for these kids.

Thank you SO much, and I hope we will be able to continue this for future years!

Most Sincerely,
Lynn Gervais

Composers in the Classroom

In 2022, the Rogue Valley Symphony launched an innovative program called “Composers in the Classroom,” bringing together composer Ethan Gans-Morse and the North Medford High School Band led by Steve Kessler. The program aimed to empower students by involving them in the creative process, resulting in a breathtaking original work titled “Battle of the Rogue.” This initiative gave students opportunities to contribute musical motifs and themes, transforming them into active partners in the composition process. Under the guidance of Ethan Gans-Morse, the students’ ideas were woven together to create a cohesive composition. Composers in the Classroom showcased the transformative power of musical collaboration and left a lasting impact on the students’ lives.

After amazing community reception, Composers in the Classroom continued with three composers in 2023, Chelsea Majkut, Ethan Gans-Morse, and Mark  Knippel. In 2024, Ethan Gans-Morse composed for the Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon.

Check out “Undertow” composed by Ethan Gans-Morse in collaboration with Grants Pass High School Chamber Orchestra.