To inspire our audiences and enrich our communities through the live performance of orchestral music. 


To offer access to world class musical experiences and learning opportunities for all.


Excellence: We strive to achieve the highest quality in all we do.
Creativity: We nurture creativity by encouraging innovation.
Collegiality: We promote an ethical, diverse and inclusive work space with open communication and respectful relationships.
Education: We support learning at all stages of life.
Organizational Sustainability: As respectful stewards of the assets in our care, we make knowledgeable, responsible decisions mindful of the future of the organization.

Led by our intrepid conductor, Martin Majkut, the Rogue Valley Symphony embarks on our 54th season this September with hope, excitement, and a longing for a return to the concert hall.

Martin has served as Music Director of the Rogue Valley Symphony in Ashland, Oregon since 2010. The RVS has experienced a remarkable growth under his leadership and is enjoying an unprecedented level of support and enthusiasm in the community.

Letters from the Maestro

Dear Friends in Music,

With hope in our hearts and minds, your friends here at RVS are gearing up for the potential return of live music in our 2021-2022 season. One of our planned performances during next season dives into the Romantic era’s most famous musical relationship: “The Love Triangle” between Clara Schumann, her husband Robert Schumann, and Johannes Brahms. The story of their relationship is one of inspiration and joy, one that we very much look forward to sharing with you.

RVS enjoys a love triangle of our own: the composers, whose music we curate and create anew; our musicians, whose tireless work brings the music to life; and our audience, whose energy gives all of the music a deeper meaning. We have the wealth of symphonic music and we have our accomplished musicians, but we are incomplete without you, our wonderful audience. What does music say when it is not shared?

We are fortunate to live in an era where we can share our music making digitally, but the most enchanting musical vistas unfold in our imagination when the music is played live. We wish to create with someone, but also for someone. Seeing and feeling your reactions unfiltered in real time is what completes our love triangle.

As The New Yorker’s art critic Peter Schjeldahl recently wrote: art is “a holiday of the spirit on the crowded calendar of life lived.” We cannot wait to start taking these holidays with you again.

Stay healthy and start getting your ears ready!