Administrative Job Openings:

No openings at this time.

Orchestra Auditions:

The Rogue Valley Symphony announces auditions for the following core orchestra positions. Due to the ongoing pandemic, this audition will be held via tape. Select candidates will be invited to a second round for this audition, to be held via Zoom in mid-May.

With ongoing uncertainty around the pandemic, we can’t guarantee a specific number of services at this time. Should in-person performances continue to be restricted, we are prepared to pursue online programming. In other words, one way or another, we’ll have work for our musicians during the 2021/22 performance season.

THE DEADLINES FOR SUBMITTING APPLICATIONS ARE LISTED BELOW. Click on a position below for specific instructions to submit your application.

Questions? Reach out to Mark Knippel at

DEADLINE: MAY 30, 2021

Section Bass