Martin Majkut Music Director

Friends Of The Symphony

Connecting Grants Pass with the Classics


As the support organization for Grants Pass and Josephine County, Friends of the Symphony strive to increase awareness, attendance and support for the Rogue Valley Symphony. Our efforts are captured in the slogan “Connecting With The Classics” and are manifest in the many programs with which we reach into the community. Many of our patrons are familiar with the programs we offer to our youth: the free concert vouchers, backstage tours, PTA presentations and music at the Library. Perhaps less well known are the programs that reach to those in our community who are not able to enjoy the concerts due to some of life’s challenges.

The Friends also offer a reception to all concert goers following the concert.  Stay for a cookie and a beverage to discuss and share your experience of the concert.

The Friends of the Symphony’s work was recently recognized in the Grants Pass Daily Courier.

Interim President

Camille Lindsay


Nancy Moore


Sue Case

Committee Members

Marlene Brown
Vi Brown
Catherine Dennerlein
Richard Eisner
Sharon Moore
Ross Roe
Joy Taylor
Paulena Verzeano
Jackie Walden