Rogue Valley Symphony

First-Timer's Guide

First time coming to the Rogue Valley Symphony? Have no fear! Here are some frequently asked questions and your guide to make your visit exceptional.

What to expect:

  • First and foremost, get yourself some tickets to our concerts here: Buy Tickets
  • Be sure to sign up for our email list at checkout so you can receive pre-concert emails.
  • For the 24/25 Season, our evening shows (Fridays) start at 7:30pm and our Saturday and Sunday Matinees (with the exception of Bowmer performances) start at 3:00pm.
    • RVS performances at the Angus Bowmer Theatre begin at 1:30pm.
  • We have a pre-concert talk before all Masterworks concerts starting one hour prior to the concert time, meaning 6:30pm for evenings and 2:00pm for matinees. For special event concerts, pre-concert talks will be confirmed in the pre-concert email.
    • These talks involve our conductor, Martin Majkut, and soloist(s) to talk about the music, themselves, and to answer your questions.
    • Patrons are allowed to sit anywhere in the hall for the pre-concert talk, but must move to their ticketed seat(s) prior to the start of the concert.
  • We begin our concerts PROMPTLY, so be sure to arrive early. Late seating availability is left to the discretion of the Patron Services Manager, and if there is none available will be announced in the pre-concert email.
  • We have 20-minute intermissions for our concerts. It is the perfect time to use the restroom or purchase concessions (where applicable). Re-entry is not guaranteed and is left to the discretion of the usher staff.

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Other frequently asked questions by new attendees:

Q: Can I bring my kids?
A: All children over the age of 4 (four) are welcome to the Rogue Valley Symphony. Parents, please sit with your kids. All concertgoers must have a ticket and their own seat regardless of age.

Q: Do I need to know about the music before the concert?
A: Not at all! That’s one reason we love performing live music – it can be enjoyed without any prior musical or historical knowledge. If you’d like to know more about the pieces, though, our Music Director Martin Majkut gives a pre-concert talk one hour before each Masterworks performance in the hall for ticket holders. He usually talks for a half hour about the works to be heard in that performance and is frequently joined by the soloist(s)/composer. If we are unable to provide a pre-concert talk, you will be emailed a pre-recorded version prior to the concert.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Dress is anything from Birkenstocks and fleece vests to dresses and suits with ties. Be yourself and enjoy the music! And while the Symphony is a great opportunity to dress to the nines if you’d like, due to the close nature of theater seating and in consideration of those who may be allergic to fragrances, we ask that you refrain from wearing strong perfume or cologne.

Q: When should I arrive?
A: If you already have your tickets, plan to arrive at least 15-20 minutes before the performance or pre-concert talk, which takes place one hour prior to the concert. If you need to purchase tickets or pick them up from Will Call, plan to arrive at least 20-30 minutes before the performance or pre-concert talk. This will allow you time to park, cruise the concert hall, peruse the program, and find your seats with time to spare.

Q: What if I arrive late?
A: We understand that unexpected events or just life in general can hold you up sometimes. Once you arrive at the concert hall, our box office staff will show you in at the next appropriate break in the program, which may be after the current movement or piece, or may not be until intermission.

Q: Can I use my phone or tablet during concerts?
A: Use of any camera and recording devices are prohibited in the auditorium out of respect for the performers and fellow attendees. Please refrain from text messaging during the performance. Remember to turn off phones, pagers, and watch alarms/chimes before the concert starts. Feel free to take pictures of the concert hall, selfies with your programs or tickets, or check in to the Rogue Valley Symphony on social media before the concert begins!

Q: How do I know when to clap?
A: Applause is a great way to show your appreciation for the performers. If you aren’t sure when to clap, don’t worry – you can easily join in once the applause has begun, or feel free to applaud whenever you feel! We highly encourage your authentic reaction to the music.

Have other questions? Check out our in-depth FAQ here: FAQs