Martin Majkut Music Director

Endowment Funds

Musical Legacy Society

The Endowment Fund provides a portion of our operating income. The principal of your gift is invested in the Endowment Fund for long-term growth, while the interest yields vital income for the Symphony year after year. The larger the Endowment Fund, the more secure the orchestra’s future and the greater its potential for artistic growth. As you plan your estate, or when you wish to remember someone special, please consider making an endowment gift – it will be a gift of music to your whole community for generations to come.

We invite you to contact us if you are interested in learning more about the Rogue Valley Symphony Endowment Fund:
Jane E. Kenworthy, Executive Director, 541-708-6402.

Endowing a chair contributes to the annual cost of filling that position in the orchestra.


Assistant Concertmaster

Principal Violin II

Violin II

Violin II


Principal Cello


Principal Flute

Flute II

Principal Oboe

English horn

Principal Clarinet

Principal Horn

Principal Timpani

Principal Percussion