Martin Majkut Music Director


50th Anniversary Season Giving Opportunities

Concert Sponsorship

Sponsor the entire 50th Anniversary Season $35,000 (Sponsorship taken)
All six Masterworks Concerts in a venue $18,000 (Sponsorship in Grants Pass still available)
A weekend concert set of Masterworks or Holiday performances – $7,500
A performance of the season opening or closing concert in one venue – $4,000
A Masterworks or Holiday Concert performance in one venue – $3,000
Sponsor 50th Anniversary Season Opening Concert Soloist – $10,000 (Sponsorship taken)
Sponsor The Music Director, Martin Majkut – $10,000 (Sponsorship taken)
Sponsor a Masterworks Soloist – $5,000 (A weekend of performances by a Masterworks Soloist)
Sponsor the Chamber Music Concert – $4,000
Sponsor the Concertmaster – $3,000 (Sponsorship taken)
Sponsor the Music – $1,000 (Sponsor all the music for one Masterworks or Holiday weekend )
Sponsor an Education Program
-Link Up: Adopt a classroom – $1,000
-Chamber Players: One performance in the classroom – $500

Adopt a Musician

Create a personal connection to an orchestra musician. Your name will be listed under your musician’s photo in the program magazine for the season. You will be invited to meet your musician at a post-concert reception.
-Principal Musician: $1,750
-Section Musician: $1,200

Most sponsorships are not exclusive and multiple sponsorships are available.
If you are interested in one of the above opportunities please contact
Development Manager, Anastasia Gambill: 541-708-6401/