Rogue Valley Symphony

Your Fall Concerts have been rerouted!
Digital Journeys with the Rogue Valley Symphony:
A Concert Detour

Dear RVS subscribers,

Every challenge is an opportunity. We dream about being with you in the concert hall again – nothing beats that feeling. However, the world still needs beauty – it needs it more than ever. Fortunately, we humans are inherently creative beings. Therefore, we put our heads together and came up with Digital Journeys with the Rogue Valley Symphony. They are our big and very sincere thanks to you for sticking with us. They are also a reminder that we will be here for you when life returns to normal!

We put together a well-coordinated team of professionals. As it turns out, the RVS is filled with talent that begs to be tapped! With their help, we are producing three digital “experiences” for you. The music is at the center of these endeavors but they are more than streamed concerts. The September one gives you an intimate, behind-the-scenes look into the lives of some of your favorite musicians. It also features the beautiful natural scenery of the place that we are fortunate to call home. 

-Martin Majkut 
Music Director

These digital concerts will follow the basic schedule of our cancelled fall masterworks concerts, but will be available to view for two weeks following each release. Check your email for details and viewing instructions.